Beyond dreams

The hearts of certain music lovers and addicts all over the world were astounded, bewildered and overwhelmed this morning. After this line-up was exposed. I was stunned too. Going through the storm of feelings, about losing my marbles:D Still wiping off the tears with a purchased ticket. Hoping everything will come true. This music for years and years has been becoming an integral part of me. And live concerts it’s always another dimension. The dimension of pure katharsis:) I believe such music events happen once in a lifetime. 💗 Interpol & 💗 The Twilight Sad on the same stage in one day. Just beyond dreams. Just Like Heaven!!!:D

Interpol playing Turn On The Bright Lights this year. the album that has changed my life for ever

My own very short current line-up 💗

That’s very intimate gig of The Twilight Sad 💗

This year 💗 Slowdive released their first album in 22 years

💗 Ride


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