Happy new vigour!:)

Be crazy😀 Be silly🙂 Be fun🙃 Be you! Life is designed to be happy:) 🚲

Happy New Year & Merry Christmas❣

I wish everyone a fantastic new year! Start with renewed vigour!:) And yoga, possibly 🕉

I’m grateful to every living creature, every tiniest particle and the whole universe 💗


💗 Nil is purring and meowing his greetings too:) In December it’s been already 5 years since I found him as a kitten.


My belated greetings with Winter Solstice! It was another great celebration:)


This colorful fruit ensemble became a part of a Scottish Dundee Cake:)


My very first Dundee Cake 💗 Eager to share this recipe and dozens of others


Whatever you love to do, passion is key;)


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