Wheat Sprouts

Sprouting makes wheat seeds contain 300% more proteins responsible for improving metabolism, boosting energy, and keeping blood sugar levels stable. Actually you can take a handful of any sproutable grains/seeds and sprout them. My favorites are wheat and buckwheat sprouts (in case with latter, sprouting works only with raw buckwheat groats). A chewy texture and nutty flavor of wheat sprouts makes them a great addition to salads, oats, rice etc. It’s better to sprout a handful of grains at once.

On my photos all seeds are showed on a third day of germination. It’s suggested to use them on a third day, when a great increase of vitamins and nutrients is observed.


For the wheat sprouts: put a 1/2 cup of wheat grains on a platter with sides or a large dish and add cool water so that it covers the seeds and they are spread on a platter evenly.

Leave to soak for about 12 hours (overnight).

Drain the water. Rinse the grains with water, and drain again leaving some water to cover the seeds. Leave at room temperature at a light place, but away from direct sunlight. Rinse and drain several times more every 8-12 hours.

Sprouts can be stored in a fridge for a couple of more days, but require draining every time before using.

Add natural and healthy nutrients to your diet!:)

buckwheat sprouts on a third day of germination
wheat sprouts on a third day of germination
wheat sprouts served

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