Baked Apples with Raspberry topping

Baked apples are naturally sweet and require only some time and fantasy. They can be stuffed with a variety of tasty things such as nuts, dried fruit, grated pumpkin or carrot, white cheese and so on. Autumn apples are so fresh, juicy and sweet that I bake them usually plain, serving with any fresh berry sauce and obviously – cinnamon!:) The honey berry topping gives sweetness and some zest to semi-sweet/semi-sour apples. Very sweet apples usually go well with a topping made of sour berries and/or lemon.
[The recipe is from September which I was going to publish on Halloween but getting to it only now:D].

I’m a fan of apples. Perhaps it’s the only food I wouldn’t survive without:D For real. That’s why such simple thing as baked apples (especially in autumn) is the utmost delicacy for me:)
* For the vegan version replace honey with maple/agave syrup or any other syrup of your choice. Happy cooking!:)
Takes from 30 to 40 mins (prep 10 mins, baking 15-30 mins) + cooling 5 mins


8 green juicy apples
1 cup raspberries
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp cinnamon


Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F. Prepare a medium-sized baking dish (I used a 18 cm square baking dish).

Peel the apples (if the skin is thick), arrange into the baking dish, pour 2-3 tbsp of water and place to bake until doneness (the time depends on a type of apples, it may take from 15 to 30 minutes). Tent them with foil to speed up the process.

Meanwhile, to make the topping: run the raspberries through a sieve. Combine the obtained raspberry pulp with honey.

When your apples are done, sprinkle them with cinnamon and pour over the raspberry sauce. Enjoy!

Bon Appétit!


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